Rotating Equipments

Condition monitoring has a wide range of applications right across industry wherever there is machinery in use. Here are some commons applications:


Electric Motors

Motors are an essential part of most productions. They are highly important to production uptime, as they ensure everything else is running smoothly.



HVAC systems comprise several critical asset types, and monitoring them can enhance reliability, minimize downtime, and streamline the maintenance process.



Pumps are one of the most critical asset types in most industries. By monitoring patterns in vibration, it becomes possible to prevent expensive pump failures.



Belts are used primarily for transporting materials such as ore, coal, and other mined resources over short or long distances in a continuous and efficient manner.



Compressors play a vital role in many industries. Monitoring the vibration patterns in these machines is crucial in preventing costly failures and ensuring smooth operation.


Gears & Bearings

Across all asset types, machine failures are often caused by misinstallation or wear in gears and bearings. By predicting these types of faults you avoid expensive downtime.


How does Sightprobe work?

1. (Wireless) sensor collects surface temperature, triaxial vibration data and calculate time domain KPIs, frequency domain spectrum, transmits to the gateway via wireless mesh network.

2. Gateway transfers data from the sensors to the cloud platform via Ethernet, WIFI or GSM/LTE.

3. IoT Cloud Platform;

  • decodes, processes, analyzes and stores the data received,
  • visualizes analyzed data to users on dashboards,
  • executes user rules based on both periodic controls and event based where new data received. These rules check data validity and create violation records and notifications upon any anomaly detected,
  • creates scheduled reports as attachment of emails or instant download from user requests.

What is the route
of data in Sightprobe?

Data Collection

Wireless sensors are battery operated, so most of the time they sleep. Internal timers wake the sensor up for specific periods of time to measure surface temperature and vibration of machine. Math calculations from measured data take place at edge and sent to gateway directly or through another neighbor node. Gateway forwards data to cloud through wired or wireless WAN connection.

Cloud Analysis

IoT Cloud Platform accepts, extracts, stores and analyzes both time and frequency domain data. Time domain data (KPIs) consist surface temperature, 3-axis RMS, peek to peek, zero to peek of vibration velocity and acceleration, kurtosis and crest factor. Frequency domain data consist triaxial FFT conversion of vibration RMS acceleration calculations.

Get Notified

Users can create rules from off-the-shelf templates in order to trigger notification upon an anomaly detected. Rules can be applied for whole organization, just for specific facilities, even for specific asset groups or just assets. Reports can be generated instantly or can be scheduled to be received as email attachments.


What are Sightprobe advantages?

Condition monitoring is becoming an essential tactic for machine maintenance groups, crucial in their daily tasks. Primarily, it enables these Maintainers to make educated choices regarding the performance and upkeep of their equipment. Beyond aiding the Maintainers, condition monitoring empowers firms to gather and scrutinize data essential for enhancing machine efficiency, ensuring the longevity of assets, and refining their maintenance methodologies.


Early failure prediction

In essence, condition monitoring employs various indicators to forecast three key aspects. Firstly, it predicts if an asset is likely to fail. Secondly, it determines the manner of potential failure, and thirdly, it estimates the available window to repair or replace the asset before it ceases to function. This knowledge enables the scheduling of maintenance to align with production demands.

Avoid Unplanned Downtime

The capability to schedule downtime in industrial settings is extremely advantageous, given the often grossly underestimated true cost of unplanned downtime from asset failure. Several often overlooked cost elements include:
⦿ The actual expense of unexpected production delays,
⦿ The necessity of paying maintenance staff overtime for asset replacement,
⦿ The potential for other machines to be damaged due to the severity and nature of the machine failure,
⦿ The expense involved in maintaining a large inventory of spare parts in anticipation of any asset malfunction.

With Sightprobe, you're alerted in advance about any impending asset failures, sometimes 6 months ahead, allowing for the strategic procurement of replacement parts only when necessary.

Maximize ROI

Predictive maintenance using condition monitoring allows you to maximize the return on investment in your mechanical assets. By monitoring the actual condition of your machine, you can inspect, fix or replace the machine only when it’s necessary, and not before.


CM Software Subscription Prices

Pricing tables only include software licencing per sensor. They do not include hardware prices. Hardware prices are depend on the application and project. Please request quotation with your requirements.


  • Temperature Analysis
  • Vibration KPI Analysis
  • Vibration Spectrum Analysis
  • Machine Health Scoring


  • Temperature Analysis
  • Vibration KPI Analysis
  • Vibration Spectrum Analysis
  • Machine Health Scoring


Coming Soon
  • Temperature Analysis
  • Vibration KPI Analysis
  • Vib. Spectrum Analysis
  • Machine Health Scoring


  • Temperature Analysis
  • Vibration KPI Analysis
  • Vibration Spectrum Analysis
  • Machine Health Scoring


  • Temperature Analysis
  • Vibration KPI Analysis
  • Vibration Spectrum Analysis
  • Machine Health Scoring


Coming Soon
  • Temperature Analysis
  • Vibration KPI Analysis
  • Vibration Spectrum Analysis
  • Machine Health Scoring

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