Bienport IoT Cloud Platform

Bienport is a web-based software platform that runs on a private cloud, does not require any initial investment cost for its users, is constantly updated, does not require any maintenance or IT/support workforce, and provides an end-to-end solution where you can remotely track, monitor and control your vehicles, valuable assets, sensors, meters, devices and machines.

  • Overview of asset inventory (including instant and history violation monitor),
  • Locations of assets in a map with status markers indicating normal, warning, error, alarm state,
  • Temperature analysis,
  • Time domain calculated data (Key Performance Indicators) analysis. Vibration velocity and acceleration data in the form of;
    1. RMS (Root Mean Square),
    2. P2P (Peek-to-Peek),
    3. Z2P (Zero-to-Peek),
    4. Kurtosis,
    5. Crest Factor,
  • Frequency domain spectrum analysis,
    • Triaxial acceleration amplitude versus frequency,
    • Low band FFT (10 – 1.000 Hz)
    • Full band FFT (10 – 10.000 Hz)
  • Activity Monitor including device (sensor, gateway) and asset (motor, compressor, etc.) label details,
  • Maintenance Planning Calendar
  • Reporting,
    1. Activity Details Report,
    2. Violation Details Report,
    3. Violation Summary Report
  • Management
    1. Group
    2. Device
    3. Asset/Machine
    4. Rule
    5. Access & Authorization
  • Control Panel
    1. User & Organization Management,
    2. User Group Management,
    3. Role Management
    4. Password Policy Management
  1. Machine Health Scoring
  2. Machine Risk Scoring
  3. A.I. Root Cause Analysis using Frequency Spectrum Data
From Entry Level Web Project to Complex SaaS Platform

Evolution of Bienport IoT Platform

  • 2024

    Condition Monitoring

    After more than 6 months of R&D work, we have developed an application, deployed on the platform and made it ready for your usage which you can monitor the condition of the valuable machines.

  • 2022

    Alarm Security Solutions

    A complete end-to-end alarm security system developed on the top of Bienport IoT platform for Secom Turkey company which is Japanese Secom and Turkish Çalık Holding’s joint venture. Security system is integrated with ERP, CRM and alarm monitoring centre software, has an front-end admin panel for technicians and call centre operators, has API Gateway for mobile app and 3rd party dealers and IoS/Android apps. Mobile application end users are able to arm/disarm alarm panels at their homes or workplaces remotely, create panic, fire or medical alarms, watch status of all sensors in their security system, receive notifications upon alarm situations, watch security camera remotely, access alarm panel’s event history, accounting history and subscription data, create call centre tickets and trace them.

  • 2020

    Battery Monitoring System

    Front terminal batteries are used to power UPS devices of GSM operators at their base stations. By collecting battery's GNSS location, temperature, pole voltage, charge level and transmitting them to software through wireless GSM network, we calculate lots of statistical information such as battery efficiency, charge/discharge performance and proviede to manufacturers for improving their products.

  • 2019

    Vending Machine Tracking

    A remote monitoring system developed in order to track and monitor stock levels for snack foods, hot/cold drinks in vending machines, product and time period based sales reports, profitablity performances, turnovers, salesclerk money collection, error and faults of vending machines, unauthorized door open, cooler/heater temperature level violation...

  • 2018

    People Counting & Heat Map

    We have developed a system that measures retail performance, accurately counts the number of visitors visiting places such as stores and shopping malls, calculates the rate of return to sales of visitors, determines the most and least visited stands and regions in the store, and determines the path followed by visitors. Used at ~2,000 stores and shopping malls ...

  • 2017

    Full Scale Energy Monitoring

    We combined all energy monitoring solutions in a single solution and named it as

    1) All energy oriented applications merged under same roof, 2) New theme applied to user interface, 3) User interface became mobile compatible (responsive).

  • 2016

    Reactive Energy Monitoring

    Lots of business owners are unaware that they are paying for penalties due to reactive energy consumption. We developed a solution for them to be notified upon exceeding permitted inductive and capacitive reactive limits. So, they have enough time to troubleshoot reactive balancing cabinet before invoice is issued at the end of month.

  • 2015

    UPS/Genset Monitoring

    We integrated UPS’s Megatec & Sec 1-phase/3-phase and Genset’s Modbus-RTU/ASCII communi-cation protocols into our embedded data collection application, collected electrical data such as current, voltage, battery level, fuel-level, etc. After transmitting all data to central software, we processed them as usual.

  • 2014


    We integrated electricity meter’s IEC-62056-21 communication protocol into our embedded data collection application, collected meter data such as energy consumptions, meter events, invoicing indexes. After transmitting all data to central software we stored, visualised and reported collected data and analysed consumptions. We integrated AMR/AMI to 3rd party subscriber management and invoicing softwares in order to meet requirements of customers.


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